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SuiteApp provides customised website, application and E-Commerce solution for business owners. As web is an investment for business, so does our role to make sure that it's actually provides output

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Here's the thing. You have a business and we're now in Digital Economy Era. As conventional businesses are switching online to adapt, would you love to catch up among the rest and stay relevant in the market?

This is where we came in. SuiteApp provides digital solution to Small & Medium businesses by adapting digital into their conventional businesses.

We understand the gaps between business and technology. Thus, SuiteApp aims to empower businesses by using technology to increase productivity, reduce costs, automate processes while keeping businesses grow forward among others.


Hanif Rahman

Hanif Rahman

Technology & Everything in Between

Josh Tan

Josh Tan

Business Specialist & Advisor

products & services

Web, E-Commerce Solution

Website development, E-Commerce platform and more.

Customised Web Application

Custom Web Application for your Business Needs, from marketing, operation, POS Terminal and more.

Cloud Hosting & Infrastructure​

Managed Cloud Hosting, Domain Names and DNS Management actively operating since 2008.


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